Local restaurant lends a hand to Huntsville TSA agents

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As the government shutdown continues, so does the lack of income for TSA agents.

“Next Friday will be the second payday that they miss, and so for them to have this kind of support from the community and encouragement it really means a lot,” said Jana Kuner, spokesperson for Huntsville International Airport.

In an effort to try and keep morale up, Phil Sandoval’s in Huntsville brought the TSA agents a Mexican buffet for lunch Friday afternoon to show their gratitude for all of the hard work that TSA agents are continuing to do for free.

“They were just ecstatic,” said Phil Sandoval, the restaurant’s owner. “Working day and night 24/7  seven days a week and no pay I feel really sorry for that and hopefully this will do something for them.”

“Any gesture that people are making, even the customers that are coming through as they’re getting on their flights and saying thank you and being kind to these employees means a lot,” Kuner said.

The TSA agents at Huntsville International Airport have been doing their jobs with a smile on their face. Airport officials say operations have not been impacted thanks to the employees and their commitment to their job.

TSA agents say the encouragement from the community means the world to them, and they want to say thank you for the kind words and support.

If your business wants to lend a hand and help the employees at Huntsville International Airport, you can contact the public relations department at (256) 258-1975 or prmanager@hsvairport.org.