Local registry owner asking for community support to win grant

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Native or Not is a registry of local businesses that offer ongoing military discounts and one-time newcomers discounts.

The registry’s organizer, Ana Lewis, says it can help you feel at ease in a new place.

“I’ve been a military spouse for almost 10 years now and moved six times and every time we moved I noticed a difference in feeling at home once I connected with those locally owned businesses,” said Lewis.

Native or Not is now online, but creator Ana Lewis’ dream of developing an app and she turned to the Street Shares Foundation for help.

It’s veteran owned and offers grants to businesses and companies like hers that are also militarily affiliated.

The foundation has chosen Native or Not as a finalist in the nationwide contest.

“They don’t always open it up to military spouses so I am super grateful to have made it in this round,” said Lewis

Lewis says winning $15,000 would help launch native or not in a new direction and hire military spouses like herself, along the way.

To vote for “Native or Not” and help a Huntsville native win that $15,000 grant click here. Voting ends at midnight ET on Thursday, May 16.

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