HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Since the pandemic began, teachers have taken on new responsibilities in the classroom. A local organization is looking to offer teachers the mental health support they often have to provide to students in the classroom.

This teacher appreciation week, Leadership Greater Huntsville took the opportunity to launch Recharge Our Teachers, a free online mental health resource for local educators.

“We have learned a lot about the challenges our teachers and educators face,” said Leadership Greater Huntsville Flagship Class Member Megan Nivenes-Tannett.

Leadership Greater Huntsville partnered with Wellstone Behavioral and Solid Ground Counseling Center to create videos and other online materials to help manage the mental health challenges teachers may be facing. Nivenes-Tannett said her team watched teachers go above and beyond to help their students while many of them face similar challenges.

“They’re also having to counsel and become that person inside the classroom who is very cognizant about seeing those signs in their students and wanting to do something around that,” Nivenes-Tannett said. “Frankly, they’re not resourced to be able to do that. They’re understaffed, overworked, and under-resourced.”

The program focuses on educators working within Madison County, but organizers said the online resources can be accessed by anyone.

Local teachers will also receive free subscriptions to Ten Percent Happier, an online meditation program.