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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For the last three years, one man has made it his mission to help others. Now he’s being recognized for his good deeds by the Queen of England.

In those three short years, Rodney Smith Jr. has mowed 2,000 lawns for free, helping the elderly, disabled, veterans, and single mothers.

But he`s not doing it alone.

He is doing it with the help of 150 kids across the country. They’ve all taken the pledge to be a shining example in their communities, helping those that need it while teaching the kids the importance of giving back.

It’s been a big venture, something Smith says he never expected. “No, I could have never thought that. I saw an elderly man cutting his grass and decided to pull over and help him out. That night I went home and decided to cut grass for the elderly, disabled, veterans and single mothers. I never thought it would grow into a foundation and inspire kids to do the same thing.”

The community following for Raising Men Lawn Care has grown to more than 58,000 people from all over the world that have supported and encouraged him along the way.

The most notable follower so far came from across the pond, Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

Last week, Rodney Smith Jr. flew home to Bermuda and was presented with the Queen’s Award and Badge of Honor, presented by the Governor of Bermuda on the Queen’s behalf.

“It makes me feel good to see that the Queen has recognized everything we’ve done so far.”

Who would have thought mowing a few lawns would make such a difference?

“God works in mysterious ways. He shows you what He wants to be done,” said Smith. “And He’s told me He wants me to do all of this, so I’m just listening to Him.”

What’s next in his journey? He says he’s still waiting for that answer. “I don’t know yet. He hasn’t told me yet. But hopefully soon.”

Raising Men Lawn Care does more than mow lawns.  If you’d like to know more about how they are helping the homeless this winter, click here.