Local high school collecting American Flags for proper disposal


HUNTSVILLE Ala. – Bob Jones High School is giving the community the opportunity a way to properly dispose of “Old Glory.” Whether it’s tattered, torn faded or otherwise unserviceable, the school’s JROTC program wants to make sure the flag is retired, with the proper ceremony.

Melissa Lacey, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at Bob Jones High School, says this service isn’t only important to the many veterans and military retiree’s in the Madison area, but to the community as well.

“As a military retiree, we know we’ve give our lives for our country, we fought for that flag and so the last thing we want to see is someone disrespect that flag by just tossing it to the side. So being able to give it a proper retirement is very important for our community here in Madison.”

Lacey says the program has already received about 20 flags and more people continue to ask about the ceremony.

“Not many people are aware that there is a proper way to dispose of a flag,” Lacey said, “But, we do have people telling us they have set them aside because they don’t want them to just be thrown away.”

The cadets are accepting flags at the school for the ceremony on Friday, April 2nd at 5 p.m. at the Eastview parking lot. The program is also letting families retire flags, “in honor of,” those families will be given white gloves and proper protocol for the ceremony.

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