Local company selling kits that seal doors in case of school shooting emergency

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's called the "No Entry Pouch Safety Kit", and a local distributor for the product says it could make all the difference in a school shooting.

The product was created by the No Entry Pouch L.L.C. out of Meridian, Mississippi and has only been on the market since January 2016. Monrovia Elementary School is currently considering purchasing one for every classroom through the local company Priority Medical Training.

“They’ve come up with a very simple design, low cost design, to deter them from either entering or delaying them from entering so the active shooter moves on to the next door that isn’t secure," says Rick Wilkinson, the distributor's CEO.

The pouch is simple on purpose.  “It opens up, it has a door wedge, it has the glass breaker, and it has this red strap that is actually made to block the doors that have door-closers," says Wilkinson.

WHNT News 19 put the product to the test by using a door at the station that might be similar to a door in a local school. It works by putting the strap around the back of the door hinge, tighten it as far as it will go, and then placing the foot wedge as close to the opening of the door as possible. It's all designed to be simple enough to put into place fairly quickly.

On our door, we could force it to open slightly, but not enough for a normal sized adult to squeeze through.  “Still going to open a little, but I can’t get a body through it," he says.

That's really the point.  Rick says it's impossible to design something that can guarantee a sealed door, but it buys you time that could allow an escape out a back door or a window.  “The bad guy tries it, tries it,  tries it, 'I can’t get in here, I’m going to the next door,'" says Wilkinson.

Priority Medical Training says it will work with local schools to raise money to buy the pouches. Each one costs $25, and the company will train teachers and administrators to use them, at no cost.

Rick says his goal is to have one of these pouches in every classroom in Madison County by the end of the year.

For more information, visit www.prioritymedicaltraining.com.

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