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Huntsville based technology company Arcarithm will soon demonstrate how their products could help assist U.S. Army soldiers in battle.

Arcarithm develops advanced artificial intelligence technology.

They work with several different commercial government agencies including the U.S. Army.

The new products they will be demonstrating for the Army can look out across the battlefield and detect targets of interest such as drones, guns, and tanks. Then the technology identifies, tracks and alerts the warfighter of those threats.

The company says their equipment reduces operator workload, detects threats more efficiently, and lowers false alarm rates.  CEO Randy Riley believes this new technology will save lives both on the battlefield and here at home.

“We’re trying to detect that gun before they ever enter the building and then lock the building down and then send an alert to the security or school resource officer that there is a gun in the vicinity and that people should shelter in place.”

They are going to be demonstrating their technology for the Army next week. If all goes well, they will start using their equipment to detect enemy targets as part of project quarterback, which is intended to develop a better way to manage battlefields in the future.