HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Saturday marks day six of the growing water crisis in Jackson, Miss. Many in the city are without reliable drinking water, and a Huntsville church is trying to help.

Oakwood University Church is collecting bottles of water that they plan to deliver to people in Jackson next week.

“Water is one of those things we take for granted, and when you look at what’s happening, it’s not an inconvenience,” said Oakwood University Church Senior Pastor Debleaire Snell. “It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

Roughly 150,00 people are without reliable tap water. The crisis started nearly a week ago, and residents do not know when their water will be restored.

“There is a tremendous urgency when you lack access to clean, viable water,” Snell said.

People in Jackson are relying on bottled water for cooking, drinking and brushing their teeth. Leaders of a Huntsville church say they are just looking for a way to help.

“We just sympathize with the pain and suffering,” said Snell. “We wanted to do what we could along with so many others from the community of faith that are trying to impact lives in real-time.”

So far, the church has collected more than 170,000 bottles of water.

This is not the first time Oakwood University Church has collected water for the residents of Jackson. The church delivered more than 40,000 bottles in March of 2021 when the city last underwent a major water crisis.

“These are not isolated incidents,” Snell said. “When you look at southern Mississippi, the region they refer to as the Delta, water is a consistent issue. There are just times when it tends to be a little less manageable than others.”

If you are interested in helping, the church will continue collecting water tomorrow from noon to 3 p.m. Yo can drop off donations at the Family Life Center located at the back of the church campus.