Local businesses help Alabamians stay healthy through the holidays

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The holidays are a time of family gatherings, joy, and for many, they also mean a lot of stress.

Steven Haynes is the VP of Health and Wellness at Regymen Fitness in Huntsville and he says the stress can cause people to gain some weight.

"You're also shopping and closing out the end of the year lists at work as well so the weights on individuals do tend to go up a little bit more so because of stress and then a lot of people stress eat as well," says Haynes.

But a good, sweaty workout can not only relieve some of that stress, but it can also help people combat that holiday weight gain.

Haynes says the workouts at Regymen Fitness cause people to continue to burn calories after they leave the gym.

Haynes says, "You have an after-burn effect so when you leave the studio you're actually still revved up on your metabolism so that way you can burn extra calories while you are out of the studio."

And if being inside a gym isn't the thing for you, Fleet Feet Huntsville organizes fun runs for the community.

Donna Ruiz is a Fit Specialist at  Fleet Feet, Saturday she gave out snacks and drinks to runners after they finished their Iron Bowl fun run. She says the runners have options.

"Then they do a three-mile and a five-mile run-walk, run hard whatever they wanted to do," says Ruiz.

Ashley Roy is an accomplished runner who has done 12 half marathons in a year. She ran with several friends Saturday morning and she wants those who are considering running or starting a fitness routine to give it a try.

"Just sign up and just go for it, you just gotta take the leap. Once you do it once you're crazy after that," says Roy.

Plus Roy says it may make you feel a little better after somehow eating the goodies that were meant for Santa.

"I feel like I can eat more cookies and pie and food which is always important," says Roy.

And the best part is you won't have to work out alone.

"We also like to form those friendships so that way once you become a regular at that set time your friends going will be like 'hey where were you at that 5 am workout,'" says Haynes.

The goal is that everyone would remain healthy through the holidays.

On Saturday, December 1, Fleet Feet is hosting an ugly sweater run at 2 p.m. There is no fee to participate. You can find more information on that race and other events here.

Regymen Fitness hosts classes daily, you can find more information here.

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