HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — As people across Hawaii recover from the tragic wildfires that swept through Maui, people across the country are looking for ways to help. That includes a North Alabama business owner who’s using her platform to make a difference.

Pure Joy Plants in Huntsville is using some of its sales to provide financial assistance to families affected by those wildfires.

Yarden Binns was stationed in Hawaii during her time in service. Years later, she still feels a connection to the island and after seeing what the many wildfire victims are faced with, she’s using her plant shop to assist in the aftermath.

She says the destruction from the wildfires was hurtful to see. “It definitely was devastating I did cry like anybody when you watch something like that its just you want to help them out,” Binns told News 19.

Binns opened Pure Joy Plants at Lowe Mill back in 2022.

The inspiration behind the birth of the plant shop stems from her time in the U.S. Army where she was stationed on the island of Oahu for more than 5 years.

“The reason why I have this shop is because I lived in Hawaii for 6 years I was stationed there I just still feel a tie to it I love the place,” Binns said.

After seeing the devastation from the wildfires, Binns felt compelled to help in any way she could.

It’s why she’s using 25% of the proceeds from her plant sales to financially assist those affected by the wildfires that nearly decimated the entire town of Lahaina.

“I figured it would be an awesome thing to do to help those people in Maui mainly because some of these plants they grow easily over there and I just felt like it would be a great connection to use this platform,” Binns said.

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In an effort to spread the Aloha spirit and to help the place she once called home, donations will continue through the month of August into September.

“I just hope it will give people hope especially over there hope that other people are trying to inspire other people and trying to help them,” Binns told News 19.

Binns says she’s hoping her donation efforts will inspire other establishments across the Tennessee Valley to utilize their business platforms to assist in those recovery efforts in Hawaii that are ongoing.

She said for those who couldn’t make it to her shop, they could still help by donating directly to families through this link that can be found on the Pure Joy Plants Instagram page.