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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- A little girl got a big hug from Alabama football star Tua Tagovailoa last weekend.

Abby Overstreet and her family got to meet Tua during an autograph signing and a photo of the hug is now getting thousands of shares.

“The draft is coming up in April. And I’m really excited for that,” Abby said.

Abby and her sisters are pretty big Crimson Tide fans. The girls say their grandparents have taken them to several games in Tuscaloosa. And last weekend, when some Alabama football players came to Huntsville, the overstreets hopped in the car.

“We thought, let’s just go over and see what it’s like,” Abby’s mom Clayli said.

The autograph signing at Parkway Place drew hundreds of fans. Abby is autistic and her mother wasn’t sure if the noise would be too much.

“We were just kind of on the side at the right place at the right time, Tua’s family was talking to her, she was kind of overwhelmed with emotion,” Clayli said.

But Clayli says when Abby saw Tua at the table, she wasn’t shy about saying hello.

“She just said, ‘Hey Tua, can I give you a hug? And he said, sure, come on’,” Clayli said.

Football fans smiled as Tua and the little girl shared a warm embrace.

“She came off squealing at all of us because she was excited,” Clayli said.

Excited and now surprised, not knowing how much the image of the two would be shared.

“I had patients yesterday say, ‘hey! your little girl is the girl in the picture’,” Clayli said.

“I was looking back on the article last night and it made me cry,” Abby’s twin sister Adalynn said.

An unforgettable memory for Abby and the Overstreet family. Clayli says she plans to frame the picture of Tua and Abby. When asked about Tua going pro, Abby said she thinks he’s headed to Dallas, while her sister Adalynn thinks Miami will take him.