Linemen work hard restoring power in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – High winds knocked down several trees in North Alabama over the past 24 hours, which means linemen with Huntsville Utilities have their hands full.

“It’s been wet, windy, cold, really busy,” said Zach Britton, a lineman for Huntsville Utilities.

The linemen had their work cut out for them.

“This tree fell and this is what actually brought it out,” Britton said.

Fallen trees have caused power outages all over town. The ground is saturated and high winds are making their job seem endless.

“Earlier we had another round of wind come through when they were actually on a pole here another tree fell just a couple spans down,” he said.

The old saying goes nothing worth doing is easy. The day’s work put that to the test. In the Blossomwood area, people couldn’t see them from the street.
Their job took them to backyards. They had to traipse through a creek to get to powerlines. And since the poles are off the street they couldn’t use a cherry picker.

“It’s just a slow go. We’re having to climb each pole having to replace insulators on each pole,” he said.

But they don’t complain. They just keep marching in a race against the elements to get the lights back on.

Crews hope the community can be patient with them as they work to repair lines damaged by fallen trees. Officials from Huntsville Utilities are warning people to not go near downed power lines to avoid being seriously injured by an electric shock. They’re also asking people to report power outages to them right away so they can work to restore power as fast as possible.

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