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ATHENS , Ala. (WHNT) – Champion Powersports in Athens knows the appeal of recreational vehicles well.

Champion Powersports Manager Ted Joy counts off, “We’ve been partnered with Polaris for about 10 years.”

He says they see remarkable demand, and the announcement of a manufacturing plant has them even more excited about sales.

Joy adds, “Just the brand awareness I think is going to help, not only us, but all the dealers in the area.”

At the dealership, they hear the plant will build the Razr and the Ranger.

Spencer Hagood runs down the vehicles for us, starting with the Ranger, which claims practicality for many people.

“Hunters. Farmers. I guess, in our area, duck hunters who like to go all over the country and transport their vehicles. Agriculture use is one of the biggest reasons,” said Hagood.

He says the folks who climb behind the wheel of a Ranger need to get things done. He points to the cargo bed.  “That’s rated for 1,000 pounds in the cargo bed, and it’s got one ton of towing.”

It’s even got a windshield that raises up to make it easier for hunters on the move.

But on the other side of the equation, we’ve got the Razr for play.

Hagood notes it has everything from power steering to industry-best shocks to snorkels. He adds, “It’s intended user was the guy who would go out and tear up his four-wheeler or bought a Ranger, rode real aggressive in it, destroyed it, and wanted something a little more off-road savvy.”

The vehicles cover a broad range, but the sales reps say they’ve got tons of people eager to climb in one, and that fan base may soon grow with  a new manufacturing plant.