HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Legacy Pool at the Huntsville Aquatics Center has been the home of swim in the Rocket City for several decades.

“Your Olympians, your high schoolers all the way down to your beginning swimmers – all happened in this pool for forty years,” said James Gossett, Huntsville City Parks & Recreation Director.

Now, a $6.4 million renovation will bring a new look to the swim center that’s been a staple in the community. New wall and panel repairs, as well as portions of the roof, will be replaced.

Additionally, new bleachers and a brand-new deck are being installed. Other parts of the renovation’s next phase include LED lighting and a new exhaust system to help eliminate chlorines on the surface of the pool.

In the meantime, how will the construction impact swimmers?

“That’s been a daily question. you know for us, its short term a headache in some ways, but we understand but in the long term it’s not just the best thing for us as a club – but for the city” Matt Webber, Huntsville Swim Association head coach, said. “It’s definitely changed our schedule. We’ve had to be more creative with our scheduling”

But despite the temporary inconvenience, Webber is excited for the pool to revamped pool to re-open.

“It’s been the heart of swimming in Huntsville and not just Huntsville, but the southeast, in general. You know states like Tennessee, and Florida panhandle have all called this home,” Webber added.

And with multiple renovations happening, the pool will be closed until the summer of 2024.