Lee High students honored at first ever Academic Signing Day


Lee High School held its first annual National Academic Signing Day on Tuesday.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Lee High School held its first annual National Academic Signing Day on Tuesday.

“I’m feeling empowered. This is a milestone,” said senior Zoe Graves. “First to be recognized for all the hard work that we’ve done these past four years has really given us a push to continue to do what we’ve been doing.”

Seven seniors signed letters of intent to accept an academic, leadership, or merit scholarships to their future colleges and universities.

“They need to feel as celebrated and as successful and as accomplished as our athletes,” said counselor Stephanie Goglin. “And they need to know that we appreciate all their hard work and effort just as much as our basketball, football players, and we recognize that they worked as hard as they did.”

Students were joined by their families and representatives from their future schools as they signed the letters of intent.

“I feel very happy, they say it takes a village, and I definitely have my whole village behind me supporting me, and I just feel loved,” said senior Natalie Fields.

The students said it felt good to receive recognition, and that they deserve they work just as hard as student-athletes.

“Anybody that’s going to the next level, after high school needs to be recognized, regardless of what you’re doing,” said senior Kaylan Parham.

The faculty said they hope underclassmen will see the success of these students and be inspired. The school organizers of the event said they hope to continue the signing every year and hope the academic signing day tradition will grow.


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