HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Tuesday marked the second official day in the trial of LaJeromeny Brown, who is charged with killing Huntsville Police Department STAC Agent Billy Clardy in December 2019.

The capital murder case is still in the jury selection phase and the work Tuesday didn’t take place in front of a judge, but rather in the offices of the lawyers in the case.

The jury pool of 130 people had the day off Tuesday and they will also be off on Wednesday. Starting Thursday, a smaller group of jurors will be questioned as part of jury selection. Four groups of would-be jurors have been designated for questioning from Thursday through Tuesday of next week.  

For the lawyers, Tuesday was undoubtedly busy. In a pre-trial ruling, Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer agreed to give the lawyers ample time to review juror questionnaires.

The lawyers are going over 130 juror questionnaires, which contain 122 questions – each.

Brown could face the death penalty if he is convicted of capital murder. Agent Clardy was shot during a botched drug sting in December 2019. The defense has requested information concerning a confidential informant involved in the case. It’s not yet clear if that issue will be raised in the trial. Opening statements are expected to begin next week.

The fatal shooting took place on December 6, 2019, during a drug-related investigation conducted by STAC agents. Investigators said the drug sting set-up was for STAC agents to purchase 100 lbs. of marijuana from Brown. They say Clardy was shot as Brown entered the house on Levert Street.

The judge has said he hopes opening statements will get underway by Wednesday, Oct. 25.