HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Alabama legislative session begins a week from Tuesday. Ahead of the new session, two state lawmakers from North Alabama got to hear from people in their district about the issues they want fixed.

People met with state Representatives from Districts 53 and 19 to talk about their concerns as the legislative session returns next week.

They took turns talking to House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels and Representative Laura Hall about topics including school funding, prison reform, infrastructure, and rebates. But it was education that took precedence over all.

“As the chair of the Desegregation Advisory Committee, obviously I’m thinking about CRT, or the lack thereof, here specifically in Huntsville City Schools. So what I wanted to make sure of is that as we’re talking about those divisive concepts that understand our history has some divisive issues that we’re addressing,” said Christopher Gregory.

While the type of education is the focus of parents, Representative Daniels says he has objections about school choice bills headed to the legislative floor.

“There’s no evidence that there’s been any academic progress just because it’s one system versus the other. That’s where I have an issue. I think when we compare apples to apples, let’s do exactly that. But let’s not give false hope to families that are out there that children need the access to quality education. Let’s focus on a funding model that works for public education. Let’s focus on outcomes and let’s move in that direction,” said Representative Daniels.

Representative Hall said education, health care, and economics are the things she plans to focus on.

“Education is always a major issue as it relates to concerns that people have. You can’t find a parent that does not want children to go to school and have a good education. Health issues, making sure that there are adequate funds, and making sure those that need that they get the health care that they need,” said Representative Hall.

Fifty-eight bills have been pre-filed for the 2023 legislative session.