HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Personal injury firm Morris, King & Hodge is working to increase awareness surrounding the issue of distracted driving.

“Almost half of the people we’re seeing who have been injured in an automobile accident, there is some level of distracted driving involved,” attorney Joe King said.

One way they hope to help the community with the issue is through educating some of the road’s youngest drivers by offering a scholarship opportunity to high school seniors. They have to submit their resume, grades and write an essay that outlines how to best tackle the issue of distracted driving.

“This year was one of the toughest years, we had the most applicants that we’ve had,” King said.

Out of nearly 100 applicants, the firm selected three for the 7th year of scholarship awards.

“Our three this year exhibited academic excellence. They exhibited leadership. They had extracurricular activities. On top of that, they wrote excellent essays,” King said.

Huntsville High School senior Winton Williams’ essay detailed an app he would design, which would reward someone’s knowledge of proper road rules, through quizzes and staying off a phone while on the road. It would also offer other perks.

“You would get a discount on your insurance over having it for a long amount of time, six months is the time I came up with,” Williams said. “It might not make it fun for kids but it’ll definitely make it useful in multiple ways.

Ryleigh Black goes to East Limestone High School. She said stressing the potential consequences should make anyone tempted to text, instead put it on hold.

“We’ve all seen the dangers of it through going through the roads and seeing people swerve, and seeing people wreck because of it and so that made me really want to focus on the dangers of it,” Black said.

James Clemens senior Zoe Mueller said good habits start even before getting behind the wheel through education. She said knowing this is crucial to protecting not just oneself but others too.

“I focused on teaching about driver safety and building those habits at home,” Mueller. “I have little siblings and I drive them around a lot, so driver safety is really important to me.”

Williams and Mueller have plans to go to Auburn University in the fall. Black will attend the University of Alabama.