Last video rental store in Huntsville set to close

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Renting movies and video games seems like a thing of the past to many people. But one Huntsville community has held onto the last video store in the area and it is now closing.

For the last eight years, Family Video on Winchester Road served a community that frequented its aisles.

In speaking to employees and customers, even in 2018, people were still renting movies and games.

Stores like these are a dying breed because of the internet and streaming options like Netflix and Hulu. Not only can you stream movies on your computer, but phones and TVs also have the same capability.

One customer said he found it shocking that the store lasted as long as it did.

"It came along when RedBox machines were popping up everywhere. Before this store, the last video store we had was the very ancient Movie Gallery store in the old Winn Dixie Shopping Center, " Carl Matthis said.

When it comes to games and gaming systems, users don't even have to possess physical game discs. They can download their games straight to their consoles.

One Huntsville man said he rented movies at least 3 times a week.

"I'm an old-time man and I'm going to miss this," Jerry Duffey said. "I don't care nothing about streaming,  we'd get up here and watch this movie and take it back and be done with it."

Known as "The Home of Free Kids Movies" the children's section of the store now sits nearly bare. Due to the store closing its door soon, customers can only buy movies and games outright.

Sticker prices at the video store have dropped tremendously.

Employees at Family Video said Huntsville is about to lose a big piece of its history.

When asked by customers, employees also said they weren't given a direct reason why the store was closing by their corporate office. The store is set to close at the end of November.

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