HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Alabama’s largest nature non-profit looks to expand green space in the Huntsville area, but it says it needs hundreds of thousands more in donations to make that happen.

The Land Trust of North Alabama says it’s after a 92-acre piece of land right by the Edmonton Heights neighborhood currently owned by a family looking to sell it, but it does come with a price tag.

“This is the missing piece,” Land Trust of North Alabama Executive Director Marie Bostick said. “This would create a contiguous property (on the Chapman Mountain Preserve). It’s great for the wildlife, and it’s great for people because we can expand the trail network appropriately through the properties.”

The selling price is $370,000, and that’s what the nonprofit needs help with, with a deadline to pay set for May 15.

“We’ve still got about three months to finish raising the money but the community is coming out strong for us and so we’re looking forward to getting this done,” Bostick said.

Visitors also like the idea of the preserve expanding to more than 900 acres in total. Disc golfer Jake Andrews of Huntsville told News 19 he’s encouraged to donate after hearing about the Land Trust’s ambitions.

“To see more nature as we have a ton already, I love that and I just want more,” Andrews said. “People love it too. (There’s) nothing else like it in any other part of Alabama, Huntsville specifically. It’s unique and cool.”

The benefits go beyond just recreation, Bostick added.

“Flood control, air quality, and all of these issues,” she said. “We give that great balance, I think, to all of the economic development and growth that’s going on especially in the Huntsville area.”

The Land Trust has raised about $125,000 of the $370,000 so far. Here’s how you can donate.