HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The legal team representing LaJeromeny Brown, the man convicted of killing Huntsville Police STAC Agent Billy Clardy III, moved for a mistrial following news coverage on Wednesday.

Clardy was killed during a botched drug operation in December 2019, and Brown was convicted of capital murder for his death. In Alabama, a capital murder conviction comes with two possible sentences – the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

The same jury that convicted Brown has been deliberating on the sentence Brown will receive.

However, on Thursday, Brown’s attorneys moved for a mistrial after they said six jurors were broadcasted on television by another local news station. Their argument was that since the jurors’ faces were shown, they could face pressure from others.

State prosecutor Tim Douthit replied, “This is not the stupidest thing that I’ve heard but it’s close.”

Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer stated that he did not want to make this case about the media. “I want to focus on Mr. Brown,” he added.

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Judge Comer brought the jurors in and asked them if anything had occurred that could hinder their abilities to serve on the jury. He also specifically asked if any of them had experienced pressure or external influence. None of the jurors raised their hands to either question.

The jury was then dismissed to continue their deliberations. Judge Comer instructed the reporter to have their station remove the news clip from their site.

News 19 Investigative Reporter Dallas Parker is in the courtroom and we will update this story as the day goes on. For live updates, follow her on X (formerly Twitter).