HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — LaJeromeny Brown, the man convicted of capital murder in the death of Huntsville STAC agent Billy Clardy III, has been sentenced to death.

After convicting Brown on Tuesday, the jury sentenced Brown to death after days of deliberation. The jury reached the verdict late Friday afternoon and voted for the death on a 10-2 margin.

After the sentence was read, Clardy’s family was seen having an emotional moment in the courtroom and News 19 crews said Brown’s mother begged to hug her son.

The path to the sentence came after lengthy deliberations from the jury which lasted for more than 16 hours. The jury had signaled earlier Friday that they were having difficulty agreeing on a sentence.

Madison County Judge Chris Comer asked jurors if they were stuck on a part of the law or the ultimate sentence. Jurors said they were stuck on the sentence and not a technicality. The jury said Friday morning that they had voted several times but had been unable to come to a consensus.

Judge Comer urged the jury to continue deliberations and to try to reach a verdict which led to more hours of deliberations Friday afternoon.

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This deliberation led to the ultimate sentence of death around 5 p.m. Friday.