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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – How would you like to have a $25,000 home renovation that doesn’t cost you a dime? That’s exactly what’s happening for an 88-year-old Korean War veteran who lives in Huntsville.

Lorenzo Covington was identified by the Huntsville based organization, Bearded Warriors. The nonprofit teamed up with Home Depot as part of the retailor’s biannual program to help veterans with home repairs.

120 volunteers total worked for two days on landscaping, painting, and installing flood mitigation. Covington uses a wheelchair. The team is also working to make his home ADA accessible.

“Veterans and their family members have done so much for the country. It seems small for a lot of people but this, for Mr. Covington, being able to get in and out of his house is going to be a world of difference for him that he’s been pretty much housebound for the last couple of months,” said Ty Oswald. He serves as the president of Bearded Warriors.

Home Depot’s foundation, Team Depot has pledged $25,000 to pay for renovations. If there is any money left over when the repairs are complete, the foundation will give it to the family in the form of a gift card.