Man without A/C for over 20 days wanted answers from landlord

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Now is not the time of year when a person wants to get with a broken A/C. Some renters in the Huntsville tell us they are waiting weeks for their landlords to fix their air conditioning. A local attorney says there are specific steps tenants have to take in this situation.

Carl Johnson lives at Wilshire Apartments in Huntsville. He says his air conditioning quit working on May Sixth. He tried to get the problem fixed for weeks, with no help from the property manager.

“Its not only me that don’t have air. She said she had a total of 12 units out on this site alone and five at another site,” says Johnson.

He says it concerned him because of his wife’s health conditions.

“Saturday the 26th I found her in the hallway passed out and I called 911, took her to the emergency room. they discharged her and gave us papers saying she had a heat stroke,” says Johnson.

Attorney Christopher Weston says there are specific things tenants need to do to protect themselves before filing a claim or going to court for situations like this.

“You have to write a 14-day demand letter stating that this is an issue,” says Weston.

He says texts, calls, or in person talks with the landlord do not protect you, which is where Johnson ran into problems.

“I brought it up to the onsite property manager and she in turn said, ‘okay I’ll get to it,'” said Johnson.

Weston says under Alabama laws, landlords have fourteen days after written notice to fix a problem. Johnson says he learned a valuable lesson from this experience.

“Had I been on my toes, maybe I wouldn’t I wouldn’t have had to wait 20 days,” says Johnson.

Johnson says he’s thankful to have air conditioning in his home again, but he’s more thankful that his wife is okay.

The attorney we spoke with represents both tenants and landlords. Weston says while 14 days without air conditioning would be extremely difficult, he feels that the law is a compromise that allows adequate time for problems to be solved.

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