James Clemens extends lunch to one hour

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Students attending James Clemens High School used to have only about 20 to 30 minutes for lunch, but now they have an entire hour.

The time is use for much more than eating, though. It is a time for students to relax and take a break from intense school work. They are allowed to eat whenever they want within that hour and do whatever else they want with that extra time.

The school has plenty of ways for students to spend their time. James Clemens Principal Brian Clayton says a lot of student use the time to, “go to a club meeting, or to intervention, or to tutoring, or just simply hang out.” In the school media center there are several things to do ranging from arts and crafts, filming videos, playing games, putting together puzzles and much more.

As you can imagine, students are really enjoying the extended lunch period. James Clemens senior Raleigh Schmidt says it helps him get though the rest of the day, saying, “I do believe I can focus more. You sort of get a lot of your talking out of the way, so you are a little more relaxed going into your third and fourth block. So I do think that’s a positive.”

School administrators got the idea from a school in Florida. That school has used the model for about five years now and told school leaders that it had a very positive effect on all of their students.