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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With schools in Huntsville starting classes in just over a week, it’s time to start getting in the mindset to share the road with buses and student pedestrians.  Because whether they walk, ride the bus, or get a ride, transporting kids to and from school is no light matter.

David Broom, a traffic investigator with the Huntsville Police Department, says law enforcement works hard to focus on the safety of students.

The beginning of the school year means increased traffic before and after school hours and the presence of school buses.

“I hear every year when I stop people in school zones that they didn’t know it was an active school zone,” Broom said.

He says that doesn’t make any driver an exception to the zero-tolerance rule.

“If you’re caught speeding in a school zone, we will issue citations,” Broom said. “That goes for [obeying] crossing guards too.”

Police say traffic violations in school zones are some of the steepest fines they dish out all year-long.

Parents also need to have conversations with their children about traffic and bus safety.

“When loading and unloading, stand 10 feet away, don’t run around, don’t walk in the path of the bus, and don’t horseplay,” said safety supervisor Khalil Jacobs-EL.

School buses will be driving slowly and making frequent stops. The key to driving safely with school buses on the road is to not be a distracted driver.

School administrators say most accidents with transporting children take place when they are entering and exiting the bus. Make sure you’re having these safety conversations with your kids before the first day of school.