Is your Honey-Do list too long? A new company has launched to help with that

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – There’s a chance you haven’t heard of Rent Sons. That’s because they just launched in North Alabama on Monday night.

“Why not Alabama?” said Pat Brown, the CEO of Rent Sons. “Obviously, this is a booming area. A lot of people are moving. A lot of people may need help. We want to be there to welcome people to Huntsville and make them feel at home.”

Rent Sons is a company that enlists locals ages 18 to 30 to help with small household tasks, which includes landscaping, painting, moving, junk removal, event help, and much more.

Brown once found himself unable to pay for college. He went door to door and did odd jobs to obtain an education. He put posters up and called his side business Rent Sons. Today, the company is active in 9 cities and pays employees 14 dollars an hour plus tips.

Rent Sons isn’t like Uber in that people submit their application and get a job if they qualify.

“You get interviewed, background checks, go through onboarding. From there, we will put you on the app and your good to go,” said Brown.

Employees are called “Sons” and “Daughters” of the community.

WHNT News 19 talked to several employees at the company launch party.

Bryan Askew said he’s looking forward to “Steady customers, steady hard work, finishing the job, and getting the job done.”

“I can set my schedule a week in advance. I can change it within four days. It’s really cool that I got to meet the owner. You don’t do that often,” said Jacob Van Rassen.

For people that have questions or concerns about the service, you won’t be sent to a call center in California. Rent Sons has a local community “Builder.”

“It kinda separates us from the Ubers and Task Grab It. If anything goes wrong, I’m there. I’ll handle things like that,” said Lakin Little, the Huntsville Community Builder for Rent Sons.

To apply for a job or if you want to use the service, click here.

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