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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – North Alabama is full of many places where you can get a workout in. News 19 is giving you an inside look at Iron Tribe Fitness where you can get a high-intensity interval training workout that will leave you sore and sweaty.

When you take a class at Iron Tribe, you don’t get the option to slack off.

Similar to athletic training, you get accountability from trainers and strangers who can become friends.

The fun and competitive atmosphere is what Huntsville Iron Tribe owner Blair Morris says first brought him through the doors.

“The team atmosphere is what drew me in it was something that I really missed being an athlete and growing up in sports,” said Morris

The former athlete struggled after his time in sports came to an end.

“I had the opportunity to be an athlete in college got out, got into the working world, and started putting on a lot of weight. At my heaviest, I was around 300 pounds,” said Morris.

Now, he helps other people reach their health and fitness goals. He says this class is for anyone at any level and the real competition is with yourself.

The classes are 45 minutes of hard work even though you train with a group but there is plenty of space.

“Pre-craziness before COVID we ran 20, now we have cut that down to 15, at our lowest we were at 10 and that is led by two trainers,” said Morris

And each day the workout is brand new, so you never know exactly what to expect.

Iron Tribe also offers nutrition programs for their clients and a variety of class options. From group training to personal training, even virtual training.

For more information you can visit their website.