Internet outage affects 1,000’s across North Alabama

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - If you had trouble accessing the internet Sunday or Monday, you're not alone. Mediacom subscribers experienced a multi-state outage that affected parts of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

More than 10,000 people are Mediacom customers in North Alabama. An outage map shows that the internet was down across three states in an area where the company has more than 100 thousand customers.

MediaCom corporate officials do not know how many people in the tri-state area were affected by the outage.

Mediacom support tweeted that the fiber was cut due to bridge construction. Thomas Larsen, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Relations says this normally wouldn't be an issue because they have redundant fiber paths, meaning they have multiple paths that run from different areas, but a large portion of their fiber was destroyed during Hurricane Michael which has created a vulnerable situation. In one area alone, the company lost a 35 mile stretch of fiber.

Larsen says the company has a credit policy. Everyone who was affected by the outage should automatically see if reflected on their bill.

The internet should have been restored for everyone affected by the outage by 11 a.m. Central time Monday. If people are still having issues with the connection Larsen recommends restarting their modem.

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Outage Affects Business

On this rainy Monday, business owners hope to be flooded with customers, but an internet outage left one owner treading water.

"It almost shuts me down as far as my business goes, everything uses the internet today, credit cards, ringing things up with software," Lieutenant Dan's Pawn and Gun Owner, Daniel Freda said.

He says he had a bumpy start to the morning.

"I couldn't run the debit card so luckily the customer wasn't upset and said he could go to the bank and get a cash and come back. That very much could have cost me a sale and has in the past."

But not every sale is that simple. Firearm purchases are a pretty big part of his business and those sales are more complicated than just going to the bank and getting cash.

"I need to be able to do my nix checks, my ATF checks on the internet, plus the software that I use of course is on the internet," he said.

Freda is one of more than 100,000 Mediacom customers who could have been affected by the outage spanning Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Mediacom customer service released a statement saying: "Unfortunately, one of our supplier network carriers experienced a fiber optic line cut from a bridge construction project. This cut was in an area that was flooded and difficult to access leading to an extended restoration time. Our alternate network path serving your area was already damaged from Hurricane Michael. The interruption you experienced yesterday and today was a fiber cut on our back-up network path. We expect the construction of our alternate network to be completed shortly which will restore multiple network paths and minimize the risk of similar interruptions. "

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