HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) – – – Experts say inflation is at an all-time high, and some mom-and-pop businesses like 2 Chicks Cafe and Food Truck in Hazel Green are working day in and day out to keep their business alive.

Robbie Norman and her sister, Debra Nadwodny, first opened 2 Chicks as a food truck back in October 2019. The COVID-19 Pandemic hit in February, forcing the two sisters to deliver food to members of the community.  

“Once everything opened back up that next October, we were back to where we started. By that time, we had already moved into a permanent location,” said 2 Chicks Cafe and Food Truck Co-Owner Robbie Norman.

A catering, food truck, and cafe service – that’s what their business looks like today.

“Right now, the food truck is what keeps us in business – that’s where our money is at, except for right now it’s in the catering with the holidays and whatnot,” added Norman.

In the last year and a half, Robbie tells News 19 that the cost of their goods has gone up about 30% – causing the establishment to change their business hours, take certain items off the menu, and go up on their prices.

“We went up on our prices one time. We don’t want to go up on our prices because then people will not come in and we’re already struggling to get customers in. Now, it’s the holidays and it’s the wintertime and we struggle in the winter because we can’t take the food truck out,” replied Norman. 

Robbie says she worries about the future of their business if the current economic climate stays as is.

“We do whatever it takes to make that money and to make it happen. We’re hoping that everything is going to be good, but that’s all we can go on…a hope and a prayer,” added Norman.

The Biden Administration says they’re seeing initial signs that inflation is coming down. A spokesperson cited that the October Consumer Price Index showed moderation in inflation, as did the October Producer Price Index released last week.