Huntsville’s only family shelter with broken dishwasher asks public for help


HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Huntsville’s only shelter dedicated to families is desperately seeking the public’s help to get a new dishwasher. New Futures put out the plea for assistance, because it’s worried handwashing dishes could increase the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

“Because it is a community kitchen, you really have to careful about that,” said New Futures executive director Tayna Rains.

New futures houses 13 families, and relies almost completely on donations. Rains pointed out the cost of buying a new dishwasher is equivalent to the $500 dollar cost required to house one family each month.

COVID-19 has hit their fundraising hard this year. Rains says they’re being frugal with their spending, but that they will dip into their funds to pay for dishwasher if they have to.

“Nobody has been exposed to COVID-19 during the time that we’ve been watching this for the last year, and we want to make sure that stays the case. And part of that, is making sure that we’re able to thoroughly clean everything multiple times everyday,” said Rains

Because of COVID-19 each family is required to socially distance and take turns cooking. “It’s tough, and you know we kind of have to go in there in shifts,” said resident Janna Ross.

Still, Ross, who is staying at New Futures with her husband and four children, views the dishwasher as a small inconvenience, in light of what they’ve recently been through.

“Due to the COVID-19, we pretty must lost everything. My husband lost his job. I had to have an emergency surgery, so I lost my job, and then I ended up with the coronavirus,” said Ross.

While New Futures waits for a new dishwasher, the shelter is offering Ross an opportunity to take her GED and her family to get back on their feet.

If you would like to learn more about New Futures, or volunteer at the shelter, check out the New Futures website.

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