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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville city officials and employees celebrated a groundbreaking Monday of what will eventually be their new home, a new city hall.

As Huntsville grows, so will city hall. The current 61,000 square foot building will be replaced with one nearly three times the size. The new structure will provide office space for 370 employees and departments that are interrelated will be grouped together.

City officials told News 19 that the new building will improve collaboration among departments and also make it easier for Huntsville residents and business owners to visit multiple offices at once. For example, the ground floor will be home to both the Fire Marshal and inspection departments which are frequented together by builders and contractors.

Thomas Nunez works as the manager of planning services. He explained to News 19 that having everyone under one roof will improve the speed of tasks allowing city employees to better serve Huntsville residents.

“It is a glorious day to be able to collaborate with our teams and to be in a position where all the city staff will be in one particular building,” Nunez said. “The collaboration has always happened over and over again, but it’s been different because of the travel time or because we’re constantly moving goods throughout the process. Now, we can better serve Huntsville citizens.”

Adjacent to the building will be a seven-story parking deck with the first floor designated for public access.

As for what will replace the old building, Mayor Tommy Battle said that he will recommend the City Council expand Big Spring Park once the current building is demolished.