Huntsville’s growth means the city needs more hotel rooms

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A 2015 study told Huntsville infrastructure officials that the city would need about 1,000 hotel rooms for everyone visiting to function comfortably.

To put it simply, things have changed since then.

“With the Havoc, an amphitheater coming in, minor league baseball, they’re gobbling some of those from that study in 2015 when we hadn’t announced those things,” said Shane Davis, Huntsville’s Director of Urban and Economic Development.

Just this spring, the AC Hotel has opened downtown, and a new Marriott boutique hotel is starting construction.

But the city still needs more rooms at its inns.

“When you really start to put all the pieces together– 36,000 new jobs– those jobs come with brand new corporations coming in our community that are not flying in and flying out and staying or driving in,” Davis said.

He says if you add everything up you shouldn’t be surprised. “The investments we made, our parks and rec, the amount of tournaments we’re getting, the conferences that are coming.”

City officials say that Huntsville can probably expect another 500-600 hotel rooms popping up around the city in the next 5 years.