HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — As the City of Huntsville continues to grow, trash is becoming a big problem.

As part of a larger commitment to taking care of our environment, the city’s Green Team is conducting a city-wide survey through the end of this month to receive public input on litter.

There are about a dozen city employees who clean up trash around the city – seven days a week. Officials say it’s hard for those employees and the Green Team’s volunteer groups to stay on top of all the trash in the city. 

Brian Walker, City of Huntsville Director of Landscape Management, is hoping this survey could lead to some innovative ideas for litter prevention.

Walker says the survey takes about four minutes to complete and can be done so anonymously. The survey has multiple-choice questions on it and residents can submit alternative suggestions for new ways to prevent and mitigate litter in the city.

“If you see needs, you can always call our office and let us know of an immediate need out there. Whether you see a litter spill or an illegal dump, or anything along those lines…but the survey itself kind of gives us a general idea of each community within the city and what their specific needs are and how we can address them,” stated Walker. 

The survey is available to take now through August 31st. It can be found on the Green Team’s social media pages and on the city’s website.