Huntsville woman struck by vehicle gets wheelchair & van donated to her

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --  Anita Washington was hit by a vehicle a Huntsville Walmart parking lot in February.

Huntsville Police said the man hit her, sped off, exited onto University Drive and hit a fire truck.

A short pursuit on foot ensued and ended with the man in custody.  Washington was reported to be suffering from non-life-threatening injuries but went through extensive recovery.

It`s been eight months since Anita Washington was hit. She`s gone through countless surgeries and rehab, but yet all she can truly think about is how blessed she is.

"She was walking out of Walmart with her daughter and she was hit straight on her body. She fell on the ground; broke her collarbone and fractured her pelvis," Anita Friend Bessie White

White has been friends with Anita Washington for 40 years.

The incident left her unable to walk and in severe pain. After months of praying, Anita is getting released from rehab. Her friends from her water aerobics class came to support her on the big day.

"He`s real everybody! He`s real and if you pray and ask God for something He will answer your prayer if you believe it," White said.

God must have been listening intensely because Anita is now the owner of an electric wheelchair and van. It was donated to her to help make her life a little easier.

"I never dreamed I would have any of this. I prayed all the time to God to help me. To help me make it through each day, and God gave me all of this," Anita Washington said.

Anita`s whole life has been dedicated to helping other people. She was a nurse.

She still has a long road to recovery, but she won`t be alone. Anita has her husband and a group of supporters standing by her until she`s able to get up and walk again.

"God sees us and He knows what`s best for us. His timing is always perfect," White said.

The van was donated by a local couple through Bessie White`s nonprofit:  Bessong Ministries, Inc.

They are now hoping to raise funds to get a lift built for Anita to use in the pool, so she can still participate in the water aerobics class.

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