HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Everyone has a story, and sometimes those stories are flowing with joy and burdened with tragedy.

But, many find inspiration in the trials and tribulations of life and turn them into greatness.

Nearly 15 years ago, Salley Walker had a pretty normal life with a husband, three kids, and a home, but everything she knew or had planned for her life changed when her son William was diagnosed with cancer.

“The hard part of this story is that I had a son who died of cancer when he was 17 years old,” said Walker. “The Huntsville community adored my son.”

After losing her son, she found it challenging to go on.

“I was in bed for three years,” she said. “Finally, my husband said ‘You got to out of bed. We have two other children.'”

In her time wrestling with faith and grief, she decided to find a new purpose. “So I started making this necklace, like the one I have here, that basically has the whole Bible story on it,” she said.

What started as a few beads grew into a whole jewelry collection and a place for other women to find sanctuary – the 29:11 Story Ministry. The ministry has two distinct missions: Bringing together God’s children, mostly women, of all backgrounds for fellowship and to spread God’s word as they sell the collection.

“What we want, is a place where women can come and get comfortable. We have a woman in there whose name is Ruth and she came in very emotionally exhausted today, she has a special needs child,” Walker said.

Everything is put together in-house, from the jewelry to the labels, to the personalized cards. They also ship beads and other raw materials to countries so other young girls can create beautiful pieces and sell them in their towns.

“For example in Honduras, there’s a girl’s orphanage and those girls made them and they’re selling them in their communities so that those girls have some money to do something close to their heart.”

Back here in the U.S., these pieces are sold in various boutiques across the country, connecting women from all walks of life. They can also be found on her 29:11 The Story ministry’s website.