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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Many people are hitting the books during their newfound free time and a lot of those people using the ‘Free Little Library’. The public book shares.

One lady in this Oakwood neighborhood is doing things a little differently. 

You’ve probably seen them in various parks, scattered throughout neighborhoods, or even on people’s front lawn. The idea behind it is you take a book you leave a book — a community library. 

Tristan Riabo is bringing non-perishable food items that she won’t use or doesn’t need and leaving them here for people who do.

Tristan Riabo says that most days she comes out to this park to restock the Little Free Library with whatever it is she has available. Sometimes it’s plastic bags, canned food, or she’ll spend the time cleaning the play equipment and wiping down the tables. 

Riabo says the COVID-19 pandemic has left her without an income, but she still sees the true value in helping others.

“It gives us the opportunity to share with one another because we’re so blessed. We’re so blessed in this country because we do have resources and we do have extra. An abundance is so available to us, and we can give it to others so that’s really the ultimate message, to create a more sharing economy,” said Riabo.

She says she only puts non-perishable food items in the community boxes, and won’t go to anyone’s personal book box to put food in unless they give permission to do so.

There are more than 60,000 little free library book exchanges in the US and all around the world.