Huntsville will always play a major role in space, whether it lands Space Command or not

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Redstone Arsenal is on the shortlist of potential homes of the Space Command. The Pentagon will announce the new headquarters for Space Command on Thursday, but the exact time and place of that announcement has not been released. “We have a long and rich history supporting the United States in space,” said Kevin Byrnes, the chair-elect for the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Huntsville is host to military and military-supporters heavily committed to different programs in space. “When you look at that footprint, our history, and what currently exists on Redstone Arsenal, we’re a very wise choice,” Byrnes said. But it’s not just the city’s military and space background that holds the rocket city’s place as a finalist. It’s also what it has to offer as a metro area– cost of living, infrastructure improvements, growth in the region, and STEM talent. “We have everything here to support wherever the defense department goes,” Byrnes said.
But no matter where Space Command settles down, Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal will always play a role in supporting that mission. “We’re expanding. Our military, our space, our exploration. We’re expanding. There’s going to be plenty of things that can go around,” said Alabama Senator Doug Jones. The Army will always be a major consumer of products that come from space. “We’re trying to modernize our military, we’re trying to modernize our space travel, we’re trying to do all of those things,” Jones said. “I really don’t think anything is going to be taken away from Huntsville.” Redstone Arsenal is becoming a federal campus, and whether it becomes home to space command or not, it will continue to play a critical role in space.

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