Huntsville Walmart orders Lot Cops for parking lot security

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some new yellow trailers are turning heads outside Walmart on University Drive. The new technology is aimed at giving shoppers peace of mind as they walk to and from their cars.

On a business as usual afternoon, most drivers look for a spot close to the front door.
Out at the Enterprise Plaza Walmart, there are now a few more cameras watching the lot.

“People tend to park closer to the units. They feel safer and more comfortable around them,” Live View Technologies Director of Business Development David Studdert said.

The flashing blue lights may attract a few extra glances.  This Walmart is the first in the city to start using what are known as ‘lot cops’. Officially known as mobile solar security trailers, the Lot Cops are built by Live View Technologies in Utah to add more surveillance in front of the store.

“To push that further and further out. The second you hit our property, we want to be able to provide a safe and enjoyable environment,” Studdert said.

These trailers run on solar power but they have cameras, flashing lights and store managers inside can even talk through them.

Studdert says they’ve been building the Lot Cops for about two years. WHNT News 19 asked them after what happened in El Paso, can these devices detect gunfire? They say not yet, but the technology is being worked in.

“If there’s a firearm discharged in the vicinity, ours will identify the location of the gunshot, even go so far as to say the caliber and what direction,” Studdert said.

Studdert says Live View is still working on that front while they make more retail partners. The video the Lot Cops capture can be used to help local police.

“The information is actionable, whether it’s getting a license plate off a vehicle. All of that functionality is in the platform,” Studdert said.

Studdert says while these two may be the first in use in Huntsville, shoppers should expect to see more of them soon.