Huntsville vet clinic urges owners to get their dogs checked for heartworm disease

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A vet clinic in Huntsville is advising dog owners, especially of rescue dogs, to get their pet checked for heartworm disease.

Mosquitos are out all year-round in North Alabama and just one bite from a mosquito can give a dog heartworm disease.

Many dogs test negative for heartworms when they’re adopted, so owners think they’re in the clear and wait a year to get them checked again. But since it takes around six months for heartworm disease to show positive, Dawn Rice from Trusty Vet in Huntsville said prevention is crucial, and owners should get their rescue animals checked for heartworms every six months.

“By the time the symptoms show up, they’re so infected treatment isn’t always as effective because it’s done damage to their hearts,” said Dawn Rice with Trusty Vet Huntsville.

She says a heartworm test is about thirty dollars, and prevention pills can cost as little as fifty dollars every six months.

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