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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  The Huntsville VA Clinic serves as a helping hand and offers support for the growing veteran population in the Tennessee Valley.

On Friday, people packed the lobby of the clinic, looking for answers or support.

Several groups and former military around the Alabama were there to offer relief. One is Tornya Kelton with Disabled American Veterans.

“I am a disabled veteran,” said Kelton. “I have a brother, I have two brothers that are navy veterans, disabled veterans.”

The veteran services fair helps people like Kelton and her brothers.

“With the DAV, processing claims, getting out into the community…this is my way of giving back,” said Kelton.

She’s experienced her own hardships while in service. “Just trying to process my VA claim, I ran into roadblocks and I just felt that if I got into the system…I would be able to help other women and other veterans,” said Kelton. “Sitting at home wasn’t gonna do.”

And she didn’t. A friend told Kelton about the DAV and has been a part of the volunteer-based organization for almost a year. At the end of the day, she says it’s worth it because she helps veterans and their families.

“There’s nothing better than getting that smile and that thank you,” said Kelton.