HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville Utilities and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) are under fire once again. People across North Alabama have opened their mailboxes in recent months to find a nasty surprise waiting in the form of high electric bills.  

The owners of a home on Maplecrest Drive in South Huntsville moved out four months ago. However, for some reason, their utility bill for that home is higher than it ever was when they lived there. 

The Brooks family says they nearly fell on the floor when they saw their bill go from $58 a month to $370. The issue is that they no longer live in the home and the increase makes very little sense to them. 

“My first thought was I can’t buy food now because I have to pay for this,” said Chanda Brooks.  

The Brooks moved out of their home in May. Since then, they make the bi-weekly trip from their new home in Blount County to cut the grass and to make sure that the house is intact. 

“I turn off the main breaker when I leave along with the water too. Turning it off at the main to make sure nothing happens to my house,” Nick Brooks told News 19.  

“I couldn’t believe how much they said. Nobody lives here and you’re going to tell me it’s over $370 for an empty residence?’’ said Chanda.  

They say that they have had almost no explanation from TVA or Huntsville Utilities for the reason for the steep bill. Joe Gerhdes, a spokesperson for Huntsville Utilities says it’s not unusual for a utility bill to be uneven during these summer months. 

“It’s not unusual for a customer’s bill to fluctuate like they have this season because it’s been very hot. TVA’s fuel cost adjustment has been higher than normal and that has had an impact on everyone’s bill no matter how much product you use,” said Gerhdes.  

However, this explanation does not instantly assist the Brooks family.  

The current bill is larger now than when they lived in the home and the power is completely shut off. The current utility bill is $100 more than what they pay now in their new home in Blount County. 

Nick Brooks is confused as to why it’s so high.  

“There’s no way in two days I used $371 worth of power two days last month. I’ll give them $58 because that is about the average of what we have been paying. So, there’s no way that $300 in power was used. It’s just not possible. 

The Tennessee Valley Authority has been under fire lately for taking away the public comments session during board meetings. The Brooks say that they have had no contact from anyone at Huntsville Utilities regarding their bill.