HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville Utilities says customers will soon see an increase in their natural gas bill.

The public utility company said the Huntsville Utilities Natural Gas and Waterworks board decided during its October meeting to raise rates for both commercial and residential customers by 81 cents per thousand cubic feet (mcf).

Usage rates for residential customers will increase from $10.22 mcf to $11.03 mcf.

Huntsville Utilities said the natural gas availability fee will remain unchanged across all customer classes.

The utility company said the rate increase is a result of increased natural gas prices over the past year. The company said while it tries to keep prices as low as possible, not all of the impacts of these increases could be avoided.

It also said the increase is meant to prevent any possible impacts a cold winter could have on prices.

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Huntsville Utilities said it expects to hold rates at the new level for the remainder of the fiscal year.