HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Support for Ukraine and donation drives continue to happen nationwide, and here in Huntsville it’s no different. The From Hearts to Hands Project hosted a donation drive on Sunday to collect items to send over to Ukraine.

When asked why she started collecting supplies to send, From Hearts to Hands Project Cherkasy Director Mila Zsidisin said, “Life is priceless.”

Zsidisn is a Ukrainian-American who is dedicating her time to aiding those in the fight in her home country.

“We collect walkers, crutches, wheelchairs,” Zsidisin said, “We collect all clothing for wounded people civilians, it doesn’t matter and we collect beddings, all types, for hospitals.”

On Sunday, she, along with a handful of volunteers and friends, loaded box after box filled with copious amounts of supplies into a truck that will make its way overseas.

The items will fall directly into the hands of those on the front lines, including her 37-year-old son Andrew.

Andrew, who worked as a plumber, has been aiding in the fight for some time and Mila recalls a time when he was a target of a Russian attack.

“The tank targeted them, but he was lucky he was at the end,” Zsidisin said, “He was the first to jump out so he had a concussion he recovered and now he is back.”

Seeing all the donations and outpouring of support has left a lasting impression on her.

Zsidisin said she knows that nationwide, there have been rallies and drives to help Ukraine.

“I know that in the United States, there are many great big volunteer organizations,” she said, “But here in Northern Alabama we have ours, it’s not as big, but it’s very important.”

She plans to return to Ukraine over the summer with hopes of reuniting with her son and the rest of her family.