Huntsville travelers are frustrated with Silver Airways customer service

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After having their flight canceled and not getting any assistance, Patti Hood and her husband want to share their experience booking with Silver Airways with other travelers.

The Hoods nailed down a deal last march with Silver Airways by booking a flight to Orlando for their 30th wedding anniversary celebration. They don’t travel often and they had big plans for this trip.

“Visiting some friends in the villages, going over to crystal river to swim with the manatees, then back through Orlando to go to the Everglades,” Hood said. “And it all got canceled last minute because Silver Airways canceled our flight.”

With plans to fly out from Huntsville International Airport early Monday morning, Hood received a text from Silver Airways late Sunday night letting her know the flight had been canceled.

She couldn’t make any calls at the time because the Silver Airways call center was already closed for the day.

Silver Airways does have a cancellation policy posted online. It says that travelers with canceled flights will be contacted and scheduled on the next available flight, and refunds will be made where they’re applicable.

“I called and did get a hold of Silver Airways this morning,” Hood said. “I told her my flight number, itinerary, she told me to call Expedia, and hung up on me.”

WHNT News 19 has reached out to Silver Airways and our calls have not been returned.

“Me and my husband both have a week off— and there’s nothing,” Hood said. “We lost money. And there’s no trip, no 30th-anniversary trip at all.”

Patti says she wanted to share this experience so that she can hopefully prevent other travelers from going through what she and her husband have.

“In hindsight now I wish I’d gone with another carrier and paid more money,” she said.

WHNT News 19 confirmed with the Huntsville International Airport that Silver Airways has canceled five flights since March 2019, including one Monday morning.

The Better Business Bureau currently has the airline listed with an “F” rating.

If WHNT News 19 does get a response from Silver Airways, we will update this story to include it.

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