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HUNTSVILLE, Ala — 115. This is the number of people who die from a drug overdose every day in the United States.

Not One More Alabama (NOMA) is an organization that is working to raise awareness about this issue. It’s working with parents to teach them warning signs which indicate their child might be using drugs.

Addiction is a destructive force.

“It’s a disease. It’s a chronic, progressive brain disease that if we don’t do something about they end up either incarcerated or dead,” NOMA Vice President Shannan Roberts said.

The nonprofit organization works to help parents steer their children away from addiction by teaching them the warning signs. This is why they built the drug awareness discovery room.

“There’s a lot of signs that we can really miss. It will look like a normal teenager’s bedroom and then all the sudden you’re noticing things after you found out they’ve been using for a while and you’re like “ah” that’s what that was,” Roberts said.

The trailer is a replica of a teenager’s bedroom. It shows how the signs of addiction often hide in plain sight.

There are many things kids can use to hide drugs. For instance, a desk holds many examples of things parents should be aware of.

“You will see when they’re starting to shoot up. they’re taking these little pieces off the ends of a q-tip,” Roberts said.

A container of mints? It might not be as innocent as it looks.

“They have the Altoids can sitting here and these little Altoids, or they look like Altoids, could be any pill,” Roberts said.

The death toll related to overdose deaths continues to rise every year.

But, NOMA says knowing these warning signs can help stop addiction before it starts and ultimately saves lives.

The Drug Awareness Discovery Room will be on display at the End Heroin Huntsville walk. It takes place Saturday, August 18th.

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