Huntsville selected for international summit focused on downtown place branding and placemaking

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The International Downtown Association has announced Huntsville has the host city for the 2019 International Place Branding and Placemaking Summit in May.

The Rocket City has been identified as a place that excels at telling its own authentic and original story in its branding and marketing, and now our community gets to share its strategy with visitors from around North America.

“For example, a lot of the city’s history here is based on rockets and space,” explained Chad Emerson, CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc. “And so we talk about things that may involve literally outer space– but also unique spaces, so our place brand is inherently tied to things like exploration and discovery.”

The International Downtown Association is the world’s largest advocacy organization for urban, walkable districts. Huntsville is the smallest city its ever selected to host a summit.

Branders, marketers, and placemakers from all sorts of businesses will come to Huntsville in May to share and learn about what works for them, and see how they can improve the placemaking where they live. Interactive sessions will allow attendees to engage in hands-on creative placemaking experiences as well as develop place branding campaigns in real time.

The summit will be held at the brand new AC Hotel Huntsville Downtown. You can learn more about getting involved in the summit here.

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