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HUNTSVILLE Ala. (WHNT) – A robotic-assisted surgical device is bringing GPS technology into the dental office. And it’s navigated right into Huntsville.

Dentistry Today, located in Parkway Place Mall, is keeping up with the office’s name by being the only practice in the region to use the latest FDA-approved technology for dental implants.

Dr. Leslie Barrilleaux, who leads Dentistry Today, purchased the YOMI Robotic Dental System for her practice.
It’s the first and only FDA-cleared robotic surgical system in the U.S. It helps provide guidance and support to dental surgeons when performing implant procedures.

“We want to have the things available that are going to add the latest technology and bring the advantages to the patient that we serve and care for and give them the best there is to offer,” said Barrilleaux.

With the use of the robotic assist, multiple implants can be done in one visit; preventing the traditional routine of multiple visits after each implant. Barrilleaux said learning the benefits of the robot made bringing it to Huntsville a “no brainer

“It’s going to be safety, it’s going to bring less recovery time, it’s going to bring less pain to the procedure, it’s going to be able to do more at one time and [fewer visits].”

The GPS software provides a visual of a virtual implant at the desired location on the patient. It then creates a plan for the dentist during preparation for the surgery. While the dentist is still responsible for physically performing the implant, the robot’s accuracy helps surgeons avoid interfering with the patient’s important body parts.

Dentistry Today owns the 100th YOMI robot in the country. The second closest dentist office with a robotic dental system is in Birmingham.