Huntsville Schools Collect Prize Money for Collecting Nearly 5 Million Plastic Bottle Caps


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Were you up to your ears in plastic bottle caps this year?  Chances are your child collected them for school.  You probably collected them and you may have gotten your neighbors involved too.

This year, 35 Huntsville schools collected nearly five million plastic bottle caps in all!  That’s up from 3.1 million last year, and seven more schools participated this year as well.

Tuesday, Operation Green Team, along with Mayor Tommy Battle, Superintendent Casey Wardynski and Boeing presented the 35 participating schools with cash prizes and special recycled plastic trophies as a thank you for collecting the bottle caps and learning the importance of recycling.

University Place Elementary defended its title, winning first place again and collecting a $1,500 check.  They’ve actually won first place all four years!

Other schools won checks for $1,000, $750, $500 and $250, depending on how they placed in the friendly competition. The prize money totaled $22,500, which was donated by Boeing and other companies.

KW Plastics, located in Troy, Alabama, recycles the bottle caps and turns them into plastic paint cans.

Whether you have a child in school or not, you can collect plastic bottle caps any time and turn them in to a participating school.  Or, if there’s a family down the street – surprise the kids with a bag of bottle caps every few months.  They’ll be glad to turn them in for you and their class may just be having a competition to see who can boost the school’s overall total the most!

You can collect milk jug caps, soda bottle caps, laundry bottle caps, dish detergent caps, lids to peanut butter jars, vitamin bottle caps or others.

Here’s how the schools placed:

1. University Place Elementary    623,559

2. Mountain Gap School     393,630

3. Academy for Academics & Arts PTA     381,050

4. Ridgecrest Elementary PTA     264,147

5. Hampton Cove Middle School     248,269

6. Montview Elementary PTA     241,945

7. Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary     238,881

8. Highlands Elementary PTA      217,461

9. Chaffee Elementary     215,635

10. Hampton Cove Elementary PTA     191,306

11. J.E. Williams Elementary PTA     175,375

12. Academy for Science &Foreign Language School     174,147

13. Weatherly Heights Elementary     156,121

14. Chapman School     150,781

15. Monte Sano Elementary     145,111

16. Grace Lutheran School     137,859

17. Randolph School     135,740

18. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary       120,597

19. Challenger Elementary         96,817

20. Holy Spirit School          93,192

21. McDonnell Elementary         90,654

22. Farley Elementary           75,507

23. Lakewood Elementary           72,052

24. Providence Elementary          68,288

25. Montessori School          49,268

26. Morris Elementary PTA          42,592

27. J.E. Williams Middle PTSA         37,530

28. Jones Valley Elementary          35,641

29. Challenger Middle School          27,015

30. Holy Family School             26,776

31. Ed White Middle School           21,437

32. James Dawson Elementary          16,996

33. Lee High PTSA           9,762

34. Johnson High PTSA        9,255

35. Blossomwood Elementary (participated, but did not compete)
Grand Total: More than 4,984,396


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