HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville Restaurant Week celebrates dozens of culinary delights in the Rocket City.

From historic city favorites to up-and-coming establishments, with over 70 participating eateries in the 10-day special, the options to dig in are limitless.

Staple restaurants like Terry’s Pizza have grown with the city for the past six decades. Founded in 1959 by Lou Pejza, the Chicago native brought deep-dish pizza to Huntsville. Now, customers can enjoy signature dishes like the “sticky fingers” pizza, dessert pizzas, and more this week.

“We’ve had the same recipes since the ’50s,” said Austin Jones, the restaurant’s director. “We’ve tried to maintain everything that Terry’s has always been about and just being Huntsville’s original Pizzeria.”

Terry’s Pizza’s Restaurant Week special allows anyone to come and enjoy the lunch buffet from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can also get free breadsticks with any $15 purchase.

For those looking for a new favorite spot around town, take a trip down Memorial Parkway to Good Company Café.

The local eatery opened just four years ago. Owner Angela Ozbolt was born and raised in Huntsville, and always knew she wanted to give back.

“I’ve been here my whole life,” said Ozbolt. “I went away for college and spent some time abroad, but I always come back. I love it here.”

The current location use to be called Mainstreet Café until Ozbolt and her founding partner bought the restaurant after seeing the building was up for sale.

“I was a sous chef at a local restaurant when I saw that the restaurant here was for sale and decided to take a leap,” Ozbolt told News 19.

But a bumpy road through the pandemic caused the café to hone in and focus on brunch as a main concept. Still, Ozbolts young and determined spirit has kept her fighting for the restaurant.

“I was 25 when we started this so its kind of abnormal but its something that I think a lot of people around our age appreciate,” Ozbolt continued.

Now customers can come in and grab a fresh latte and a bite to eat.

Good Company Cafe’s Restaurant Week special features its fan favorite “Dad’s Egg Sandwich” with a cookie and coffee all for $10.

No matter if it’s deep dish or café delight, Huntsville restaurant week allows you to explore them all.

You can learn more about Terry’s Pizza, Good Company Café, and other Restaurants participating in Huntsville Restaurant Week here.